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Why Vendors Join Cannvi

Area Exclusivity

Serve all the Cannvi customers in your delivery area! Once you're a vendor on Cannvi, your delivery area is yours alone.

Grow Sales

Add another sales channel to your operations easily! Increase sales with the cannabis-enthusiasts in the Cannvi community.

Gain Exposure

Feature your menu online and gain exposure to new customers with little effort. Solidify your footprint locally with more exposure to regional customers.

Low Commission Fees

We're all human. We understand you need profits to put food on your table. That's why Cannvi takes the minimal fee needed to sustain our community.

METRC Integration

We integrate with METRC to help you stay in compliance with ease. Inventory changes and sales through Cannvi are reported automatically. It's there if you want to use it.

Real-Time Delivery Tracking

With real-time driver tracking, you and your Cannvi customer know the order's location and ETA at any time. Stay in the know with smart delivery logistics.

Partner with Professionals

When you list on Cannvi, you success is our success. Together, we'll grow your sales volume, keep operations smooth, and make customers happy.

Vendor Support

As a partner, we're in the weeds with you! We'll help you get set up, grow your audience, and improve all logistical aspects of using Cannvi. Find our contact form here.


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