White Rabbit High Tea

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Spend an Afternoon in Wonderland

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Ready for a trip down the rabbit hole?

Get on your Sunday Best for the most whimsical afternoon tea you'll have in your life. White Rabbit High Tea brings together tea time, cannabis, and a social afternoon meeting new folks. Beyond sipping tea and smoking flower, these gatherings aim to help you relax, heal (both physically and mentally) and play.

You and the other guests sit around a long table covered in light snacks, tea in delicate china, and of course cannabis. Upon closer inspection, you notice just how wide the spread of cannabis is: bowls of bud, peppermint patties, floral lollipops, elegant vape pens - a variety to help anyone lose themselves in the gathering.

In a Mad Hatter style affair, guests are introduced to a variety of cannabis products provided by the event's sponsors. If you feel that you are not quite spiffy enough for Wonderland, then fear not! A costume box is there for you to play dress up and find the perfect high tea costume.

As you nibble the afternoon snacks, take a puff of cannabis, and sip tea, you'll have the pleasure of meeting a variety of people. Besides other guests such as yourself, the sponsors often send someone to attend the tea party. Hear about their opinions about cannabis and learn about the plant and industry. Or just chat with the person next to you. What you take from the gathering is up to you.

Spend an afternoon indulging your wildest, high-class imagination. Meet new friends. Make amazing memories. Live in Wonderland.

What to know before you go

Events are open only to White Rabbit High Tea members. Lucky for you, joining is free! Just sign up for the mailing list at their website and you'll be notified about the next event!

As cannabis is provided at the event by sponsors, please do not bring your own cannabis to this event.