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Treat Your Inner Connoisseur with a Night of Fine Dining and Pairings


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Cbd only

What To Do

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High cuisine

Everybody knows there’s nothing like treating yourself to your favorite foods while indulging in some cannabis consumption. Imagine a haute cuisine, multi-course meal especially made to tickle your senses and complement your high! This swanky, invitation-only club offers event-based menus by chef Cody Storts and flowers cultivated by WonderBrett — a masterful pairing of taste and canna-experience.

By pairing locally sourced food and flowers, the Club creates a unique culinary treat that’s brought from the farm to your plate. The delicious dishes are served for an exclusive crowd of just 20 diners at a secret Santa Monica loft. These multi-course meals are presented in a style reminiscent of high-end dinner parties, but with a cannabic twist! Varieties of the WonderBrett strains are given a place of honor alongside each plate, giving each diner the possibility of sampling their favorite and trying out new combinations to enhance their meal.

The surprises don’t end at the table, though! You can expect live music, with Jazz ensembles and musical guests supplementing the hazy, loose feel of the night. Guests are enticed by hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized snacks while conversation flows freely, creating an intimate, lived-in and sophisticated atmosphere.

What’s on the menu?

It varies! Both the products and flowers are seasonal, so menus are made public on a case-by-case scenario shortly before each event. Menus typically consist of meals comprised of multiple courses, starting by entrees and ending in succulent desserts. Each step of the dinner is planned for a special combination with one of the WonderBrett cannabis strains for a bespoke experience!

While this is an experience where cannabis is of major importance, foods are not infused. The different strains are used to heighten the experience of the haute cuisine for an unforgettable night! For those new to canna-dinners, though, don’t worry! You’ll be accompanied by experienced staff and knowledgeable cannabis experts every step of the way. Also, while there’s a recommended combination, diners are encouraged to indulge and experiment every step of the way!

The strains used during dinners typically are:

Sativas: Green Crack and Jack Herer.

Indicas: Grand Daddy Purple, Birthday Cake, Strawnana — these last two are Indica-dominant hybrids.

What you'll need

  • You’ll have to be 21 and over to drink and toke up. That includes having a valid ID.
  • Dress snappy!
  • Bring an open mind and a social attitude. There will probably be a varied group on the table, and many people are open to sharing.

The Cannabis Supper Club is invitation only. Apply for reservations and stay tuned about upcoming events at