PUI: Performing Under the Influence!


The Comedy Party That Embraces Inebriation



Dog friendly

Allows smoking

Cbd only

What To Do

Witness inebriation In action

So you might be wondering why you would want to spend a night watching other people get inebriated. Well first, it’s a free comedy party! More importantly, this unique comedic show requires comedians to perform in a very specific manner (or state). The lineup of comedians will first perform stone sober, then exit and get themselves under the influence, and then get back on stage to perform again!

Claiming to be the best comedy party in LA, this is a show you have to witness. With rotating line-ups including some of the best comedians in the country, each night will be a unique experience. One thing remains constant: those taking the stage will be sure to make you laugh, help you loosen up, and enjoy your own night of alcohol and/or cannabis.

Currently, the shows are run in the Hollywood Hotel. Although no open smoking is allowed within their lounge, this show is 420-friendly and guests are allowed to consume cannabis during the event. Furthermore, the intimate lounge is set up such that you are sure to feel included within the community that comedy builds amongst strangers.

This monthly comedy show is free to attend. Please be sure to check out their Event Brite page to get tickets!