Puff Pass Paint


"Canvas & Cocktails..." with a Cannabis Twist


Allows smoking


Dog friendly

Cbd only

What To Do

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Heightened Creativity

Puff Pass and Paint channels your inner artist with canna-friendly art classes! These fun, relaxed classes take place in a no-hassle, chill environment where there are no right or wrong techniques — a perfect moment to toke up and let your inner Picasso out! You can later take your masterpiece with you to display it at your home.

The owner and creator, Heide Keyes, is an established landscape painter who believes in spontaneity in both life and art. The classes in Puff Pass and Paint represent this carefree, loose attitude. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cannabis — joints, edibles, buds, all welcome — to enjoy unhurried conversation and painting. All skill levels are welcome, as you don’t have to be an experienced painter to let your creative muse rock out!

In the Bay Area, they offer the following classes:

  • Puff Pass and Paint
  • Craft and Cannabis: Abstract Fluid Painting
  • Puff Pass and POTtery
  • And on a little less artsy note - Cannavines: Bay Area Wine and Weed Tour

What to expect from a sesh

A very jovial, conversational mood, where everyone is happy being themselves. Expect an easygoing environment with laughs aplenty. Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow! Nobody’s going to be judging! An encouraging, supporting atmosphere is going to be the name of the game in these classes. Sure, you can get tips if you ask for them, but no one’s going to be putting on a beret and criticizing your form. This is a place to let your hair down and go with the flow.

You’re encouraged to bring your own cannabis, so be mindful of your dosage and combinations! It’s best to go combinations that, for you, are tried-and-true for enhancing the flow of painting and conversation. You don’t want to be so high you can’t engage in simple tasks! With that in mind, edibles should be consumed in moderation, and be of the milder/CBD varieties.

What to know before you go

  • Bring a jovial, loose attitude. The idea is to have fun!
  • All materials and art supplies are included in the cost of the class
  • Bring your own cannabis!

Puss Paff and Paint has classes in several cities. Book your Bay Area sesh on their website.