Party Goats LA & Eipl Healing


Goats, Yoga, Meditative Sound Bath & Cannabis for an Afternoon of Fun & Relaxation



Dog friendly

Allows smoking

Cbd only

What To Do

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Adopt a uniquely LA mantra

In a fitness-oriented, bustling city such as Los Angeles, attending a yoga and meditation session is a must-try. Especially when the yoga event includes playing with baby goats and cannabis consumption.

This is not a serious yoga and meditation session. This is a chance to try something new, to dip your toes outside your comfort zone, and to add fun and humor into your yoga and meditation practices. With a whimsical, yet calming mantra, "Trust The Goat", this session helps you let go of what you can't control and bond with those in the rooms (including the goat-yogis) over some self-therapeutic laughter and chatter.

By incorporating cannabis with this event, your experience will be heightened on a mental and physical level. You will experience another way cannabis enhances your life: by allowing you to step out from your mind and live in the present.

What to expect

Upon arrival, the human-and goat-yogis greet you to a calming, welcoming environment. Here you are safe to disconnect with the day-to-day scramble and focus on connecting with your body and the goats. The yoga session is about acceptance and relaxation, not having the perfect form or pushing your body past its boundaries.

For 20-30 minutes, you will flow from pose to pose, tabletop and downward dog to let the goats jump on you back, warrior pose and crescent pose to work with other attendants to create a goat tunnel and challenge your balance and stability. Depending on the energy within the room, the human-yogis will adjust the yoga session's restorative and challenging nature.

Following the yoga session is a quick breather and photo-op with the goats while the human-yogis prepare the room for a 20-30 minute guided sound bath meditation.

During the sound bath meditation, you are welcome to focus on yourself and float free of worries or to play with the goats as they make their rounds. The time is really yours to let go of your worries and enjoy the moment. If you're lucky, a goat may even cuddle up and join your meditation!

What to know before you go

You'll need to bring a couple items to prepare for the yoga sesion:

  • A yoga mat
  • Water
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Cannabis
  • An open mind

Cannabis consumption rules: Vapes are welcome in the studio. If you would prefer to consume flower or concentrates, you will need to step outside to light any fires.

Visit their website to reserve your spot at their next event!