Med Tours LA


An Educational Tour of Cannabis and LA

Allows smoking



Dog friendly

Cbd only

What To Do

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Tours for the canna-curious and LA-curious

The medicinal benefits of cannabis almost need no introduction. Relaxation, peace of mind, heightened awareness, better rest — and that’s just to name a few! Med Tours LA takes this philosophy out for a ride, as they drive you through the Mecca of Cannabis!

With an all-inclusive service that drives you from the airport to your desired location, Med Tours LA show you the best in medical and recreational cannabis through the Greater Los Angeles Area. The services include pickups and visits to award-winning consumption lounges and dispensaries, where you can try new varieties or stock up on weed to your heart’s content!

What to expect

With a 420-friendly bus, you can expect to be toking up on the way if you choose to bring your own cannabis. Also, the drivers are veritable LA experts; you can expect them to take the scenic route to dispensaries as they drive you across LA with a focus on historic landmarks and other notable locations. The Med Tours staff will also provide you and other passengers with a variety of edibles, vapes, and flowers so you can enjoy the city with a mellow high.

The dispensary visits include rides around Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Venice, Sherman Oaks, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Van Nuys, Marina Del Rey, Canoga Park and more.

What to bring

  • A Government-issued ID. You must be over 21 to get on the bus!
  • Tours have a 4-person minimum
  • Prices start at $59 per person
  • You can also expect the tour to include a treasure trove of information on the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Get ready to be amazed!
  • The tour ends with a hike (Rancho Palos Verdes, Temescal Canyon, or Griffith Park) so bring comfortable clothing and shoes!

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