High Dining Club

Food and drinks

A True Culinary Treat with a Cannabis Twist


Allows smoking


Dog friendly

Cbd only

What To Do

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An elevated dining experience

The High Dining Club combines the high-cuisine sensibilities of trendy restaurants with cannabis-infused cuisine. With a variety of menus and events that combine a refined approach to fine dining and a specialty for creating enhanced, elevated moods, you know you’ll be in for a treat!

Attendees should expect to be in for a ride, as they choose from an eclectic menu ranging from French, Mediterranean, to Japanese, Mexican, Fusion, and everything in between! Then, as you’ve made your choice of food and sign up for a specific event like the Moonlit Moveable Feast in the Mojave desert, the party gets started. With a multi-course, canna-infused feast at your disposal, you’ll experience unmatched culinary delights in extravagant settings, and lasting, mellow highs!

What to expect

Bring an empty stomach to these moveable feasts. There’s enough variety of food types and events to choose from to dazzle the uninitiated, so check the calendar first! After signing up for the Club at their website, you’ll make your reservation and it’s off to the races!

You can expect anything from high-end dinner parties to relaxed, outdoor get-togethers with a fun, conversational atmosphere, or any other variation, including custom sushi workshops. Reservations are available for corporate gatherings, birthdays, and other private experiences.

Their palette of experiences include:

  • Moonlit Moveable Feast
  • Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop
  • Tacos & Terpenes
  • Burritos & Blunts
  • Custom Experience

What to bring

  • Attendants must be 21+ with a valid Government ID.
  • Curiosity and joy for various types of cuisine is the order of the day.
  • No dress code is in effect.
  • Cannabis provided on location.
  • Please check their website for event dates, club registration, and more information.