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Cbd only

What To Do

Fine dining and mindful consumption

Similar to food and wine, cannabis comes with many distinct aromas and flavors. Grassfed’s five-course fine dining experience serve dishes curated to highlight the delightful characteristics of unique cannabis strain. Each dish maximizes the plant’s flavor, leaving your mouth watering for more. However, this isn’t just an event to satisfy your inner glutton and canna-connoisseur.

True to their philosophy, Grassfed creations and events highlight cannabis as a healing plant. By combining food with premium cannabis products, they create not only an amazing dish, but also an enjoyable way to experience the healing properties of cannabis in a friendly, smoke-free environment.

What to know before you go

Grassfed events are vaping-only. Please leave fire at home.

For more information on upcoming events, please go to Grassfed’s website.