GLAZED by Michael Glazer


A Night of Laughter and High-deas



Allows smoking

Dog friendly

Cbd only

What To Do

Let go and lose yourself in laughter

Cannabis and comedy: a classic pairing for fun and relaxation. Created by Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Glazer, expect every unique act to tickle your funny bone. Each show features a line-up of the hottest comedians, DJs, magicians, musicians, and painters. Combined with Glazer’s comedic manner and razor-sharp wit, you’ll be rolling with laughter (like that joint you’ll be rolling mid-show).

Expect a variety of acts from one as outlandish as a tight-roping man in a rainbow bodysuit, to one as cannabis-oriented as comedians puffing on vape pens and presenting their “high-deas”.

Glazer understands the universal relatability in being high, regardless of whether you’re a medical or recreational consumer. He also understands cannabis’s potential as a tool for positivity and bringing us together. Combined with comedy, he’s created an event that helps you recharge and feel happier through laughter.

There’s one thing past show-goers guarantee: you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

What to know before you go

These shows happen monthly, so please check HERE to find the next show dates and purchase tickets.