Ganja Yoga


“Namaste and pass the dutchie…”


Allows smoking


Dog friendly

Cbd only

What To Do

Already interested? Find out more about their sessions and retreats on their website or contact them through their form.

Experience the rebirth of an ancient practice

Founded by Dee Dussault, the pioneer of modern ganja yoga practices, Ganja Yoga is a great introduction for anyone curious about combining cannabis and yoga. Using the ancient practices of medicinal cannabis and yoga for spiritual, mental and physical health, Dee has created holistic yoga sessions and retreats to help you relax and heal.

The typical Ganja Yoga sessions starts with a communal, get-high-together session. The relaxing, grounding start helps set the tone for the whole session. For the rest of the class, you’re welcome to consume and participate in yoga as much as you’re comfortable with.

For those who’ve never combined yoga and cannabis: the typical “easy” yoga poses may feel more challenging than normal. However, a major benefit to balance the lack of coordination is the mindful effects of cannabis. Ganja yoga isn’t necessarily about perfect poses and form - it’s about connecting with your body and the present, feeling grounded and relaxed, and honestly, giving yourself the love you deserve.

What to know before you go

As of the writing of this post, the Ganja yoga website is a little sparse on information. If you have any questions, please contact them here.

  • As with any other cannabis-consumption event, please bring a valid government-issued ID just in case!
  • You’ll want to dress in comfy clothes and bring plenty of water to combat that cottonmouth
  • Bring your own cannabis
  • Be mindful about the dosage and combinations of cannabis. Although no one will hold it against you if you lie in a meditative state on your mat, you don’t want to be inebriated beyond your comfort

Reserve a spot at their sessions and retreats on their website or contact them through their form.