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Your one-stop-shop for cannabis adventures

This is one of the ideal places to start on your visit to LA. Whether you’re new to weed or already a seasoned canna-connoisseur, Weedology Tours has it all. They offer a variety of experiences for those looking to check out the best weed the Greater LA area has to offer.

Starting from three-hour dispensary crawls, Weedology Tours take you to see the best of the LA cannabis scene. For those looking to spice things up a little, the “Wine and Weed” runs add a local winery after you’ve gotten your MJ on at a dispensary. Who doesn’t want to cap off their evening with a nice glass of red?

What to expect

Just about everything you can do in the cannabis scene, Weedology has. Aside from the wine and dispensary crawls, they’ll get you in party mode in no time! If you want to keep the magic going, they’ll provide an all-access pass to some of the hottest clubs and live-music venues.

If music is not exactly your cup of tea, they can take you out for a night of stand-up comedy while you smoke up. If you’re thinking more along the lines of munchies, they’ve got you covered as well with a “Baked Brunch” and a canna-centric take on Taco Tuesday. Nothing like having all bases covered when all that activity’s made you work up an appetite!

If you’re not feeling 100% party-mode, they’ve arranged other activities for wellness-centered participants. Feel like relaxing at the beach? How about an infused beach yoga class? Toke up, breathe, let go and stay in the present moment! You can get your well-deserved meal later with an infused cooking class.

What to bring

  • A valid Government ID. You have to be 21+!
  • A spirit of adventure. You’re going to be trying out new varieties all the time!
  • If you want to party, dress comfortably. You’re going to be dancing and jamming!
  • The same goes for yoga and relaxation-centered abilities. Dress comfortably!
  • Cannabic goodies and gift bags are included with every tour.

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