Weedmaps Review

What People Think About The Largest Weed Directory

Most cities and states in the US are slowly legalizing the use of marijuana. While some are only legalizing the use of medical marijuana, others are also legalizing it for recreational use. Even better, marijuana is now being decriminalized and this has reduced the number of crimes associated with it and this has helped improve the market. The legalization of marijuana has reduced cases of the black market, and now there are expanded ways of improving customer service.

With few to no cannabis laws in some places, the industry continues to grow. As a result, the demand for the drug rises, and so does the pressure for retailers to satisfy their customers in every way. Online buying has been a major contributor to the industry, and customers always want convenience for the products they order. As such, different handlers have provisions for delivery services for their customers, and this is now expanding to different cities enabling users to get their marijuana and other cannabis-related products at the comfort of their homes.

With more delivery services, users can easily access cannabis and skip the hassle of looking for a trustworthy seller. So whether it helps you relax or to simply unplug and relax, there are now different cannabis delivery services that will deliver cannabis right at your doorstep. What’s more, most of these services are now focussing on giving their clients the best marijuana experience and usage by diversifying related products.

About Weedmaps

Weedmaps is a player in the cannabis industry that focuses on offering technology and software infrastructure. The company was started in 2008 and works as a source of information about cannabis to its customers. In addition to online buying, the company also provides information regarding the uses of marijuana, legal status, consumer education, product discovery, brand listings, and local retailers. Apart from their website, customers also interact with the company through their apps.

How it Works

Weedmaps provides information, often that can be used to locate different cannabis dispensaries, medical marijuana doctors, and delivery services. The first step after opening the website is verifying your location, and this makes it easier to display whatever is available in your area. If you see a deal you like, then you can claim it and wait for it to be sent to your email or print it for reference purposes for your budtender.

The site provides information like the name of a dispensary or delivery, logo, store hours, whether the cannabis provided is recreational or medical, and star rating, etc.

If you choose to order online, you will start by choosing a pick-up or delivery order. Add your delivery address if you want it delivered to you then proceed to find a listing. You can then make an order from the menu and check out.

What People Are Saying About Weedmaps Online

People that have interacted with Weedmaps, both as employees and as customers have aired their reviews about the company. Here are some of the things that people are saying about it online.

Helpful Staff

A top reason why people use marijuana is because of its medical benefits. The thing is, sometimes it can be confusing and you might not know what to go for, especially if you have a medical problem you are trying to address. Also, sometimes new users interested in recreational use don’t know where to start. From online reviews, some customers have admitted to having met very helpful Weedmaps staff who have helped them figure out the best strain for their problem.

Comprehensive Descriptions

Other people have also said that Weedmaps has comprehensive descriptions for products. They list a product and indicate its price together with the dispensary where it is available. So when the client visits the dispensary they know exactly what they want and how much to pay for their product.

Flexible Schedule

One of the things that Weedmaps employees love is the flexibility of working in the company. Work schedules are not tight, so they allow the employees to move their hours around as well as shifting between different responsibilities. This makes it fun for employees and creates a good environment for them to work in.

No Near Dispensaries on the App

Since Weedmaps is meant to provide location details about local dispensaries, you would want it to show the nearest ones based on your location. Some people have said that the results they get are for dispensaries far away from their location, which may be inconveniencing since they are inaccessible.

Mediocre Benefits

Some previous employees have complained of earning mediocre benefits while working in Weedmaps, simply because they were not marijuana users. This is a total disappointment for an individual trying to earn a decent income and does not necessarily smoke.

What’s more, the pressure to become a smoker when you are not one may lead to unproductiveness in the work environment. Since benefits are also a form of motivation for employees, this can be very discouraging especially if you gave it your all.

Deleted Reviews

People have also complained of getting their genuine reviews deleted from the website. Even after writing an honest review about the kind of service they received from Weedmaps, the reviews still got deleted. Reviews are supposed to tell the next person what to expect of a company, and also, can be used as an appreciation of great service offered by the company. So customers who got their reviews deleted were likely disappointed especially if the reviews were honest.

Getting Scammed

This is the biggest fear for any online buyer, you want to be sure that you can trust your seller and you will not be conned of your money. Unfortunately, people have complained online about being scammed after buying cannabis from Weedmaps.

For instance, a previous customer made an order and received an empty package. After making a complaint the money paid was not returned and there was poor email communication. If it was an honest mistake made by the company, proper communication could have been done to correct it, but efforts to get a refund after a complaint was made were unsuccessful.

No Tracking Code for Customers

When you can track an order you have made online, it makes you feel confident and gives you the assurance that your package is on the way. This is also a form of transparency from the seller to you. One of the things that people are saying online about Weedmaps is that the company does not give a tracking code for packages being delivered.

So when you make an order, you cannot track your driver to ensure they are bringing your package to you. This may promote dishonest drivers as they may feel the need to do whatever they want and give excuses since no one is keeping an eye on them.

Inaccurate Locations

One of the biggest services offered by Weedmaps is the cannabis dispensary location. As such, one would expect to get an exact location for a dispensary after searching for whichever is close to them from the site. But some customers have been sent to peculiar locations by Weedmaps, expecting to find a marijuana dispensary.

Some have even expressed their concerns about the insecurity of the places they have been sent to. Customer satisfaction is very important, and if customers are not getting what was promised by the seller, they end up with disappointments and this affects everyone on that chain.

Cannabis Delivery Services in Los Angeles, CA Area

If you’re looking for an alternative cannabis delivery service available in the LA area, you have other options to choose from. At Cannvi, we seek to provide our cannabis delivery services to as many cities as possible in Los Angeles. And we understand that it is not only about getting the product to the customer but getting the best quality of what they need.

Before we work with a vendor, there is a vetting process to ensure they have all the right licensing to sell marijuana. Also, we always crosscheck with the vendors to ensure that they always follow the cannabis laws. This is to ensure that our clients get top quality and harmless products at all times.

Since we are marijuana enthusiasts, one of our goals is to educate everyone about cannabis and its benefits. Through providing information, we want to reduce the myths and fabrications about marijuana and get more people, both who have used it and those who haven’t but would want to, to be confident about using it. Also, considering that marijuana can have its side effects when misused, we are motivated towards informing people about its usage.

We also focus on giving our clients the best experience, from placing an order to receiving their package and using the product. For convenience purposes, we also help clients locate other places in LA to ensure that they get whatever they want whenever they are. So, regardless of where you are located in LA, you can always get your orders delivered stress-free and at the shortest time possible.