Splitbud Review

What are consumers saying about one of LA’s newer retailers?

The marijuana industry is growing at a high rate: Forbes has estimated it to be worth $31.4 billion by 2021. While marijuana is mostly used for leisure, one of the biggest reasons for this significant growth is its demand for medical purposes.

Some cities and states in the U.S have only legalized medical marijuana, and others have legalized its use for recreation. Statistics have shown that cannabis is slowly being pushed for legalization across different countries and states.

With this growing demand for and legalization of, marijuana, different dispensaries and delivery services have come to market. California, which is one of the biggest marijuana markets, has different delivery services you can choose from. Let’s review one in the Los Angeles area called Splitbud.

About SplitBud

It is an online platform that works with licensed cultivators, distributors, and brands, to offer cannabis products that are legal and regulated. SplitBud is located in Los Angeles and makes deliveries across most cities in the county.

How it Works

To join SplitBud, you are required to be at least 21 years or more, with the exception of 18-year-old individuals that have a medical prescription. One is required to fill out their profile then wait for verification via the given phone number.

Once your profile is approved you are able to place orders. The most common mode of payment is cash, and you will also be required to pay an extra fee for delivery. Proof of ID must be presented during delivery to confirm the identity of the client.

If a delivery is missed, you will have to reschedule your order at a fee of $15 and all orders are strictly delivered to the person that made the order, so you cannot send someone to pick it up for you.

Product Options

Depending on what you prefer, you will get different types of cannabis products. So you have options to choose from, regardless of whether you prefer a certain cannabis strain or a specific product.

Types of Strains

The strains are the different categories that cannabis is classified into. The most common types of cannabis strain include Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and CBD.


Sativa is characterized by a thin and tall plant that grows up to 12 feet tall or even more, and it is believed to originate from the equatorial regions. Medical benefits of Sativa include alleviating conditions like mood disorders, increasing focus, ADD, headaches, depression, and fatigue, etc. Other effects of Sativa include euphoria, happiness, energy, and focus. Sativa is great for morning use since it is meant to energize you and make you more active.


Unlike Sativa which is thin and slim high, Indica is characterized by short stature. Strains of Indica usually have relaxing, sedative, and euphoric effects, so they’re best for use at night. Medically, Indica is known to be great for chronic pain, glaucoma, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and anxiety, etc.


Hybrid is usually a mix of both Indica and Sativa strains. They’re usually characterized by the most dominant strain in the plant. Hybrids are usually either Sativa dominant or Indica dominant. So, it can be either dominantly thin and tall or dominantly short with thicker leaves.

Likewise, the effects of the Hybrid strain are determined by the most dominant strain. Some of the most common medical uses of Hybrid include depression, stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue. Effects mostly start with a head high then finish off with a body high, and you may also become more talkative, happy, sleepy, hungry, focused and creative.

While CBD is a common cannabis strain, the above three strains are the most commonly used by SplitBud.

Types of Products

SplitBud has a few products available, all of which fall under the Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. The following are some of the most common types of these products.

Cannabis Flowers

The cannabis flowers are the raw form of cannabis meant to be consumed through smoking. They can also be used to make different kinds of cannabis-infused food products. Some of the types of cannabis flowers found on SplitBud include mega wellness, and venom OG, which are both Hybrid strains, purple punch and unicorn tears that are Indica strains, and Sativa strain buds including 5 alive and blue dream.

Vape Pens

SplitBud also has vape pens that come in different strains, for example, the kosher kush stick, tangy, and gelato stick.e.vapes, etc.


They are available on the site to come in different sizes and quantities, as they can be found in preroll boxes of 7 or in 3’s. The prerolls also have different flavors that differ depending on the strain.


Cannabis edibles on SplitBud include gummies, chocolate bars, and chews. All these have different prices, flavors, and strains, depending on what you prefer.

Pros and Cons

If you choose SplitBud, then you should be prepared for both the good and the bad. Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the SplitBud delivery service.


These are some of the top advantages you will have from using SplitBud.

Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery offers convenience for customers, and just like most on-demand service deliveries in Los Angeles, SplitBud offers the same day delivery for orders made. They also offer scheduled delivery and pick up for their clients.


They also offer a 25% discount for orders that exceed 100 dollars. This, however, only applies to first time clients.


The following are some of the cons of choosing SplitBud as your cannabis delivery service.

Same Day Delivery Limits

Unless you have a scheduled delivery same day deliveries are somehow limiting. This is because they only apply for orders made from 1 pm to 7.30 pm. So it might be inconveniencing for someone who needs to get their order delivered before 1 pm.

Service Zones

Another limiting factor is the areas they offer their services in Los Angeles. You may not be able to get your orders if you are not within their service zones. Before making your order confirm their availability in your locality to avoid frustrations.

What People Are Saying About SplitBud Online

Before considering SplitBud as you delivery service of choice, you need to check what other people, preferably previous customers are saying about them online. This gives you a clue on the company, how they treat their customers, and what their services are like. Below are some of the things people are saying about SplitBud online.

Easy to Join

Other people have said that the platform is easy to join, since the whole process is concluded through a few steps. This reduces the stress and waiting time for your profile to get approved.

Good Packaging

Also, SplitBud has also been said to have good packaging. The products are well-packaged and are delivered with discretion to their clients.

What Was Advertised is Not What was Sold

When a customer makes an order for a product advertised online, they expect to get exactly what they pay for. While there are not many complaints about this, a review about it implies something.

Alternative Delivery Service in Los Angeles, CA Area

Apart from SplitBud, there are other good alternative cannabis delivery services across Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for Marijuana delivery in the Los Angeles area, try Cannvi! We always focus on convenience when it comes to delivering orders, ensuring that every client is satisfied with our products and services. We strive to ensure that our services reach most of our clients, with our delivery spanning across many cities across Los Angeles. Our team is made up of marijuana enthusiasts, so our services go beyond just selling cannabis and other cannabis products. We value our clients, promoting and embracing different individualisms and diversities since everybody has something unique to offer.

Through listening to our customers, we are able to tailor our services to suit their needs. Our products are not only high quality but are also made in accordance with the cannabis laws, so we always guarantee safe consumption to all our customers.

Above all, we usually offer education to our clients, so whether you have a doubt or want to learn more about cannabis and its related products, we will provide this information when you need it.

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