Edibles Delivery in Los Angeles, CA

Your Complete Guide to Ordering Edibles in Los Angeles

Cannabis delivery services are becoming popular both inside and outside Los Angeles. The legalization of marijuana has continued to increase across the United States, and so has the demand which has equally increased on-demand delivery services. The demand continues to rise, and most of these clients are either people who simply love the convenience of delivery services or those with prescriptions and are unable to get to the dispensaries. Read more about edible cannabis and then order for delivery with Cannvi.

What is Edible Cannabis?

Something edible means that it can be eaten, but edible cannabis does not mean ingesting it as it is. Eating raw cannabis will not give you the desired effect, you will probably suffer a stomach ache. This is because for cannabis to work, it needs to be heated before consumption.

Edible cannabis is a term used to refer to food products infused with cannabis. While the most common ways of consuming cannabis include smoking and vaping, eating it is one of the best alternatives for people who don’t like smoking it or just want to enjoy a good treat. When it comes to edible cannabis, there are a lot of fun ways in which it can be consumed, which makes it more exciting for those who prefer to have it this way.

And the good thing is that marijuana can be cooked in almost every food and infused in most food products. While marijuana is linked to cravings and hunger, the edibles are a great way to satisfy both, so whether you want a tasty treat or a heavier meal, you have a couple of options to choose from.

How It’s Different From Smoking

The main difference between the two is that consuming edible cannabis goes to the digestive system while smoking it goes to your respiratory system. When you eat marijuana, THC and other chemicals enter the stomach before being absorbed into the blood. While this may take a while for the effects to hit, most of the THC will be absorbed.

On the other hand, smoking it means that it enters the lungs and transferred to other parts of the body from there. The effects of smoking marijuana will hit quicker than when eaten, but less THC is absorbed when compared to the latter. However, this does not reduce the effects of smoking as it will stay in the body for long.

That said, there are usually a few differences between the two modes of consumption, and below is a quick rundown.

Reaction Time

The reaction time is the amount of time it will take for the cannabis to take effect after you take it. Smoking marijuana will get you high faster than eating it. Also, while consuming cannabis has a delayed reaction, its effects are spread out. So, depending on the reason why you are consuming it, you may want to weigh the two options.

Since consuming edible cannabis takes longer before it is effective, it is easy for one to over-compensate in order to speed up the effect. This may result in consuming more than your body can handle and you might end up feeling extremely uncomfortable and even experience other negative side effects when the high sets in. So, when you take a cannabis edible, relax and give it time to kick in and when it does, it will be worth the wait.

Strength of the Results

Your experience of smoking marijuana may not be the same as when compared to eating it. Smoking it may start on a high then gradually decline, while consuming edibles may start on a low with a gradual increase.

As such, eating it may have a longer effect on you while smoking it might hit strong. For instance, if you want a quick and strong dose to help with pain, smoking may be the best option, but if you want a prolonged effect to help you relax, go with a cannabis edible.


Another major difference between smoking and eating marijuana is the amount of control each gives you. Smoking gives you a certain level of control as you are able to ascertain the amount you are inhaling, but edibles don’t give you this kind of control outside of the portions you’re eating.

Since the edibles are already infused with marijuana, you aren’t able to measure the exact dose in each bite, especially if you did not prepare it yourself. However, a good dispensary usually breaks up the doses fairly evenly among things like gummy bears. However, if you eat too fast, control will be hard with edibles and you might end up taking way more than you need.

Expectations vs Reality

The best way to experience edibles to go into it with a beginner’s mind. Everything from the taste to the experience may vary from one experience to the next. Your body will also need time to adapt to it, especially if you are a first-timer, so avoid unrealistic expectations of feeling it right away.

Edible Products for Delivery in Los Angeles, CA

If you prefer edible cannabis, there are different options to choose from, and even better, you can order and get it delivered to you. That said, here is a list of edible products for delivery in LA.

Camino Gummies

If you love chewing gummies, then you can have cannabis-infused ones and get high while at it. The Camino gummies come in different flavors, from the pineapple habanero to the wild berry, watermelon lemonade, the Blenheim apricot, balance sour blueberry, and the restore blackberry and lemon gummies. Whether you love carrying your treats with you or simply love having them while relaxing in the house, you will never go wrong with the Camino gummies.

Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bars

There is no better way of indulging in cannabis than through these high-quality dark, cannabis-infused chocolates. Flavors differ, examples including ginger-flavored, tangerine, vanilla, espresso, mint Irish cream, and milk chocolates. They are tasty and a moderated amount will get you feeling the right kind of high.

Mango CBD Relief Gummies

The Mango CBD Relief Gummies have lower doses of cannabis when compared to other gummies and what’s more, they are great for anyone who is cautious of their calorie intake. They have a perfect balance and are great for giving you the best relief without major psychoactive effects.

Many More Products

Cannvi has a big selection of edibles that you can choose from for delivery. We also have smokable marijuana available for delivery if you want to try a bit of both. Sign up today and browse our selection of products, then get it delivered to your front door!

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