For Customers

We need you to complete your profile information and upload a photo of your ID. As long as we can read the ID to verify your name and age, the photo is acceptable. Our team will review your account information as quickly as possible. Once they have reviewed and approved your account, you can start shopping!
On average, our vendors deliver within 1 hour. After you place your order, you should receive a text message with a link to watch your driver's progress. Please be mindful of exceptions due to heavy traffic or unforseen circumstances.
We currently serve most of Los Angeles County only. To see if we deliver to your city in LA county, please type your zipcode into the search bar.
Like all delivery services, we can only deliver to areas our vendors serve. If we do not currently serve location and you would like us to expand towards you, please leave a message through our contact form and let us know! Also, be sure to let your favorite vendors know that you would like to see them on Cannvi.
Due to current cannabis laws, we cannot allow anyone else to receive your order for you. Upon delivering your order, your driver may ask to see your ID to confirm your identity. If you ordered to pick up in store, then the budtenders will certainly ask to see your ID to confirm your identity.
The delivery fee helps cover customer support, delivery costs, and makes happy drivers. This is necessary to be able to deliver good safely from your local retailer.

For Vendors

Please fill out our vendor sign up form to join Cannvi. After filling out the form, you will be able to access your vendor Cannvi account -- however, you will not be able to make sales immediately. We will assist you with the on-boarding process and get you started within the week!
We accept only licensed cannabis retailers that are able to handle their own delivery. Due to current cannabis regulations, we are unable to hire third-party drivers for the transportation of cannabis products. Additionally, to enjoy the benefits of real-time inventory and sales reporting, we require you to have a METRC license and API key.
You can find more information here. Alternatively, please reach out and contact us with any questions or ideas you might have! Our success depends on making the best possible partnership with you, the vendor. We work closely with all our vendors and try our best to accomodate your wants, needs, and future goals.